The sales growth of electric bicycles is particula

Release Time:2020-12-14 Article source:Site release

The Bicycle Association expects a sharp increase in sales

Currently, a total of 30 million bicycles are sold in Europe each year. According to data from the European Bicycle Industry Association, the sales volume of bicycles has increased annually to more than twice that of cars currently registered in the EU.

The sales growth of electric bicycles is particularly strong, which may increase from 3.7 million in 2019 to 17 million in 2030. By 2020, the electric bicycle market is expected to account for 23% of the entire market. In view of current demand and the government's commitment to new infrastructure and support for the purchase of electric bicycles, the association believes that by 2024, 10 million vehicles can be sold each year.

Non-electric bicycles are also selling well again

According to another news, the traditional bicycle market is expected to grow again in 2020 after the recent decline due to electric bicycles. The association predicts that after the stabilization phase, sales of traditional bicycles will slowly decline in the next three years. The Covid crisis shows that if states provide safe and comfortable infrastructure for cyclists, the demand for traditional bicycles will continue.

Kevin Mayne, CEO of European Bicycle Industry Company, said: "Bicycle sports is currently one of the most dynamic industries in Europe. With these new data, we can show the European Union, governments and the global bicycle industry that the European bicycle market It is an investment place to create EU green agreements, Covid recovery and new green jobs. The close cooperation between our associations allows us to provide real evidence for investors at all levels."

Manuel Marsilio, General Manager of Conebi, said: "The bicycle industry is changing. In recent years, our bicycle sales and production in Europe (especially electric bicycles) have achieved significant growth. To support the industry, Conebi has partnered with CIE and ECF to create Current market forecasts show the size of the market in the next few years. However, this growth is possible only if there is an appropriate regulatory environment and a clear industrial strategy in the EU and other regions."

Industry associations work with ECF policy analysis experts to determine the relationship between government policies, bicycle use and sales. Since the beginning of the COVID epidemic in March 2020, the ECF Tracker for COVID measures shows that Europe has spent 1 billion euros on bicycle infrastructure and built more than 2,300 kilometers of new bicycle lanes.