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Great power

To conquer rough roads , ES6 is equipped with dual brushless motor, with a new special customized gear box, providing 2400W power while ensuring a strong conversion rate of transmission to 94.7% .Its high quality materials and sophisticated design ensures the vehicle’s durability.

Stick to consistent, let the performance speak

Grip force increases 67.6%, max ride angel 35 degree, conquer off-road as plain

Es6 is set up the battery protection system, ensure the battery durable ( 20-35KM), using the same battery as Tesla(18650), and keeping 80% performance even the temperature is under zero degree.

Ignore the road, feel freedom

MAX speed 20KM/H, MAX load to 150KG

Strong Structure

Integrated aluminum alloy body, resistance on collide and water

Intelligence chipset

New generation self-balance chipset system, more stable and more flexible, add screen mode and mobile Bluetooth mode.

Smart APP

APP controlled lock vehicle, adjust parameter, switch mode. RFID rent system, best suit for tour and hotel.

Immune riding in darkness

Front LED light as far as 10 meter. Composite 19 inch monster wheel, protect you in darkness.

Six safety method

Newbee mode, speed limit mode, falling protection, E-LOCK, GPS track and over speed warning.

Classic color, fashion design